Tuesday, October 19, 2010

OG says GO ahead and...

my photo

What the heck?
Choose happiness over misery.


Alex & Ani

Step out
in grey peep toes
(and your Alex and Ani bangle set!).


Be the real and perfectly
 imperfect you.

Miss Unkon

Hide beneath the covers for a little while...
but just a LITTLE while!

Lori Shoults Photography

Dwell in possibility.
It's nice in there.


Try something new and risky.

(my photo)

Snap out of it.
Tights as pants are
not the sort of risk OG
is endorsing here.

Find a pathetic excuse
to watch more Rob Pattinson
 (okay, fine...OR Taylor Lautner)
and spring for the good cheese, yes?

photo by Jody Stella

Consider a little prescription-free mood elevation via wardrobe change. A boost of retail therapeutic healing energy, if you will.

Go ahead...

Visit us soon at ONE GIRL.
We like clothes. We like you.
Now let's have fun with fashion.


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