Friday, December 3, 2010

12 Holiday ONE GIRL Wishes


~No. 1~
May you be filled with wonder.

michele's winning xmas cookie for country home magazine

~No. 2~
May you occasionally indulge your sweet tooth.

mighty to save

~No. 3~
May you make excellent choices.

stop in the shop to discover REBEL of NYC

~No. 4~
May you be brave.

(Whether that means sporting a racy REBEL cuff
from One Girl or something more.)


~No. 5~
May you heal from your wounds
and emerge stronger.

photo by hellolovelyinc

~No. 6~
May the sights and sounds of
the season magically lift your mood.

photo by hellolovelyinc

~No. 7~
May you find moments for prayer
and gratitude for all that is yours.


~No. 8~

May you discover physical exercise
to be thrilling and worth the pain.

mighty to save

~No. 9~
May you know more clearly
what it is you want.

mighty to save

~No. 10~
May you be forever surrounded
by reminders of this truth.

mighty to save

~No. 11~
May you sleep peacefully.

Alex & Ani, David Aubrey, Mystree, Theme, Lenora Dame
and more designers exclusively at ONE GIRL 

~No. 12~
May you feel warmly welcome
where we'll help you improve
not just your look...
but your outlook.

Happy Holidays, friends!

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