Tuesday, April 26, 2011

royal sweetness

Not sure you're aware of
a special wedding
taking place this week...

As much as I hate to disappoint
William and Kate
I will only be able to join them in spirit...

three photos above: via Happy Homemaker UK

I mean
priorities are priorities,
and at the top of my list is...


(OMG, are you loving sexy feminine fashion like
this top? I have even MORE stuff to show off
at the shop and online!)

do NOT tease me about my
photo by Aimless Olive

I mean weddings are fabulous.

katarina malmstrom brown

Charming spring weddings in
are too.

Ryu dress at One Girl

But we know a little somethin somethin
'bout royal sweetness right here in
suburban Chicago...

BHS cheerleaders in OG for a great cause!

Just look at these BHS lovelies
in fashion from ONE GIRL!

Gracia dress

So please please honor us with your presence
at the shop so you may be reminded
why boutique is so blisffully unique.

And how royally sweet
shopping for wardrobe, home, and gift
can't be beat.

Was that the cheeziest wordplay EVER?


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