Sunday, May 15, 2011

ONE GIRL...May Inspirations

style files

What is inspiring you right now?

This spring at
o n e   g i r l

we're moved by
muted quiet colors,
and comfy cozy chic.

linens at OG!

Isn't it amazing how just
a few new lovely accessories
for you and your home can
renew and refresh?

busy being fabulous

By the way,
there isn't any wardrobe, home, or gift
item at One Girl as inspiring as

via sleeveface

Anyone else inspired by
quirky humor to
relax tense muscles and erase
tension from the daily grind?

style files

How about shoes?
What about shoes as art?

Naughty Monkey at OG

One Girl loves the idea of new shoes
to inspire a spring in your step,
a new attitude,
and fresh fashionable fun.

this isn't happiness

True, shoes don't make the girl.

But shoes can bring smiles.
And sometimes a smile is
the beginning of...

style files

Speaking of love..
are you inspired by lovely design?

vase at OG

We are too!

Hope you'll approve of
new compliment catching items
in the shop
that caught our eye
to enhance your everyday.

Who knows where May's inspiration will lead you?

this isn't happiness

To the moon?
Can ONE GIRL come too?

Where ever your voyage,
hope to see you very soon to
chat about all things inspirationally fabulous!

Big hug.

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