Saturday, June 18, 2011

Making it Yours...7 TIPS from ONE GIRL

British Vogue

It's official.
I love interior design!
I could gaze at spaces like
the chic one above all day.

Does your home feel like you?
Does it reflect your personal style?
Does it clash with your wardrobe
or need updating?

Deep breath.
Today's tips offer ideas for injecting
more personal style into your nest.

Peek inside your closet.
See lots of distressed jeans
and tank tops?
This suggests you like things
laid back and simple.
It may make sense to
gravitate toward leather,
denim, and fabrics
that are easy to care for
and not busy.

What color do you predominantly wear?
Think about adding a little
of that hue to every room.

The owners of the above space are fashion designers
and have a clear sense of what they like:
quirky, modern, and fabulous.

photo by Olivia Graham

Think about your complexion.
What colors are a good backdrop for your skin?
Which ones do not flatter?

Create vignettes.
Find a few places you can express
your personal style and interests in a bold way.
Group items together (traditional OR modern)
that you love and that have meaning.
Avoid matchy.
The mix should be personal
and even a bit mysterious to an outsider.

photo by Olivia Graham

Think pop.
Don't be afraid to use a bold color
as an accent to make things pop.

Imagine how fabulous a new pillow
would pop on that settee!

Go for texture.
If you love to be surrounded by
soft fabrics and plushy furniture,
go for it.
But increase interest and balance
by adding something rustic
or textural (or animal print-y!).

Get a little theatrical.
It's okay to be
a drama queen
every now and again.
You don't want every room looking
like a stage set, but sometimes 
something over the top in an
unexpected place creates magic. 

Try something different.
Just a small change may make you happy
and increase your confidence for
decorating and making your place yours.

Wanna chat about
your decorating dilemmas and see
good stuff at the shop to help?


Big hug.

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