Tuesday, September 25, 2012

back from LA LA land

Have I told you lately how much I adore
finding new fashion for the shop
so you and I can look amazing?
Well I do.
Which is why I traveled to Cali
to find pretties to stock at One Girl.

Is your closet craving a new dress for fall?
A cool tunic?
Wait just a minute there, Missy.
Let's get straight about tights.

I mean. It's cooler outside.
Sure, it's exciting to pull out the
leggings and jeggings and keggings
(leggings accommodating more than six-pack abs).
But let's be cautious, friends.

Let's remember
cropped tops + leggings =
not always so foxy.
Miss Stockholm has indeed
reminded me of something else to love
about the changing season:
black leather jackets!!!

Where was I?
I blame my lack of focus on breathing that Beverly Hills air.

Vanessa Moody
Oh yeah.
Cool new stuff for fall at OG.

Don't forget about fabulous
accessories at OG that are so fun
 to layer when the color of the leaves change.

And another thing.
Are you being kind to yourself these days?
Eating healthy foods?
Exercising your butt off?
Practicing gratitude?
I hope so.
You are so worth it.

Helping you choose a few key pieces
is always a pleasure, and do feel free
to stop by to share your sentiments on:
autumn, tights as pants, pugs,
friends you deleted on FB who re-request you
and any wardrobe needs.


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