Monday, August 5, 2013

let's get cosmic


Let's shift gears, okay?

From the subdued splendor of quiet
neutrals and white
in the last post
to the
uber cool fun
of juicy delicious,
shock to the heart,

neon citrus.
Doesn't this make us wanna
spray paint an ol' Schwinn
snapped up at a garage sale
or dumpster?

candy pink.
This pink is so attention getting
yet pretty (I think J. Crew called
this shade 'neon azalea' which is
a brilliant description).

I would love a gauzy beach
coverup in this shade.

planetary and artful.
Watery, cosmic, blues and greens
ignite the imagination and are
so artful when blended together
whether you're daring enough
to wear a print like this or not.


This is maybe a bit more mellow cosmic,
but how refreshing and radiant in
this urban setting!

traditional and cosmic.
Don't you love when there are no
rules whatsoever for interior
design and your color palette?
(Those juicy pinks again--dang!)

violet crush.
Not certain I'm diggin the lemon top
with the modern feminine skirt,
but isn't this jacket fabulous?
 cosmos chic.
To think these electric colors
are everywhere in nature blows the
mind and proves the art of nature
can't be beat.

happy hues.
Lovin how a happy color like this
in a jacket (or hoodie if your heading
to the gym) can uplift the spirit
and set a tone for the day.

God showing off.
Ya know?
I highly endorse the stacking of the
bands, bracelets, and bangles!
Get into ONE GIRL should you find
your wrists naked-ish.
k-bigpic (1)
ring of nebula

Rings are nice too, of course.

How fun was that rawkin color romp?
Makes me wanna grab some white tees
and get to dye-ing them all the colors

Wishing you peace in
your corner of the cosmos.

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