Monday, May 17, 2010

6 steamy confessions.

Steamy? Okay, that may be a stretch.
Still...OG has a few secrets. Want her to spill?

Confession #1
One Girl likes loves distressed denim.

Pair it with flirty tanks,
killer jackets,
and metallic accents
like this chic bag.
(You'll feel anything
but distressed...was that LAME?
 Teetering, I think.)

Confession #2
OG has it bad for bangles, bracelets, and basically
all wrist adornment.

Stop in to see our outstanding selection...and
don't forget to check out our unique necklaces and earrings.  

Confession #3
We're a big fan of the nice price!

Fair prices on our beautiful stock keep happy customers
returning to OG. It's basically win-win.

Confession #4
We heart the boutique experience!

We do.
It's personal. It's charming.
And humble though we are,
we must admit:
we do boutique well.

Confession #5
One Girl thinks original art instantly
transforms the vibe of a room.

We love these customizable word art panels
and mixed media collages created by a local gal.
Consider commissioning special lyrics
for yourself or a lucky someone.

Confession #6
Pets like Pumpkin (my sweetie above) make life rich!

Okay...maybe not the steamiest of confessions.
But One Girl cares about
much more than fashion.
We confess.
We value our customers and treasure our community.

Big hug.

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