Sunday, February 27, 2011

one girl...AT HOME

Can you imagine this space without the fab pops of yellow?

So thrilled to announce
o n e   g i r l
will be soon offering
gift and home
items to the shop!

Would a similar pink canvas make your space happier?

You may or may not know
about my passion for
interior design and all things

so it is pure pleasure
to select unique inventory,
all with a onegirly spin,
especially for YOU
to discover and enjoy.

Of course there will be
fabulous accessories and gifts...

tons of inspiration...

all with a very classic,
forward thinking,
and eclectic vibe.

We believe
fashion for your home
(like fashion for your wardrobe)
should lift your spirits,

set you up for success,

Doesn't it feel great to have original art when it doesn't cost a fortune?

and not just express who you are
this very moment...

but who you are growing to be!

It isn't necessary to spend a fortune
to enhance your space and make it feel
more comforting and magical.

But it does take some thought,
creativity, and soul.

Wouldn't this be like waking up to sunshine?

and soul
are never in short supply
o n e   g i r l !!!

Let's have fun with home fashion
and gifts they will love!

Big hug.

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