Monday, February 21, 2011

let's COZY on DOWN

Danny Roberts

It's still so chilly out there,
and I'm wondering...

anybody else thinking
cannot possibly arrive
soon enough?

I hear you...
but until those birdies
are chirping again
let's appreciate the beauty of
this season where we're invited to

Know what I mean?

Instead of rushing,
and the daily grind
(omg. totally forgot to take
that friggin chicken out to defrost
for dinner. again.)...

busy being fabulous

the laws of
grant us the opportunity

to decompress,
to exhale,
to imagine,
and to

One Girl
says go ahead
and embrace a late winter
'cozy down' dream.


Would it feel nice to travel?

To fly to pure bliss
 and contentment with zero hassle
of boarding passes and overhead bins
by cracking open a book
or popping in a DVD?

Home is a pretty perfect
place to cozy down.

Are there ways you can make
yours more dreamy?

Sometimes just adding
a new color to the wardrobe
helps you feel all prettycozy.

Just a thought...
One Girl is perfect to help with that dream!

Dreaming of a new look?
Of taking some new risks
fashion or otherwise?

After cozying down,
you should mozy down to the shop!
Really. I'd love that.

Wonder how a cozy
afternoon with friends might play out
in your lovely imagination?

(Remember leaves on the trees?
Not sure I do.)

o n e  g i r l...

is anticipating spring
and offers fun,
smart, and affordable
wardrobe options.
(It helps to look
and feel fabulous whether
you're slaving away
or cozying down!)

Big Hug.

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