Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wishing You Love...


Whether this day for you
is all about
an excuse to
consume lusty sweets...

o  n  e    g  i  r  l

wishes you
the sort of
that makes you unafraid.

On this day, remember...

~wish no. 1~

We wish you spontaneous
moments of whimsy that make
you feel truly alive.

Rebel Designs @one girl

~wish no. 2~

We wish you leather, lace,
and fashion that gets your
little heart pumping.

~wish no. 3~

We wish you the sounds
and silence of nature
and all the peace it can bring.

Alex and Ani bangles

~wish no. 4~

We wish you increased
personal wealth (which
may or may not involve a higher
checking account balance).

~wish no. 5~

We wish you deliciousness
in abundance.

find them at OG!

~wish no. 6~

We wish you blessings and joy
arriving in small packages.

~wish no. 7~

We wish you the wonder
of all the best childhood moments.

~wish no. 8~

We wish you the wisdom and grace
to make honorable decisions.

~wish no. 9~

We wish you new beginnings,
fresh opportunities, and open doors.

~wish no. 10~

We wish you the sweetest
of days to feed your soul.

Hope you'll step into
the shop or online
very soon, friends!


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