Sunday, March 20, 2011

tiny miracles

could you die?

What are those'tiny miracles'
for you?


For me,
there are often 
tiny people involved.

Heidi Claire

And simple encouraging words
are anything but tiny.

Sometimes it's a small miracle
when you experience
 an unexpected friendship and
laughter with someone
who truly cares.
rebel designs cuff at OG

Sure, material things
can seem miraculous...

but they grow strangely dim,
don't they?

dust jacket attic

When held to the light of
miracles like
family and forgiveness,

of words and ideas,

of love,

dust jacket attic

and sweet life.

mighty to save

Tiny things,
little miracles,
are not so little.

But sometimes
we just need to
squint to better see them.

Here's to squinting!
Big Hug.

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