Sunday, March 27, 2011

a CREATIVE vision for life

photography by olivia graham

"A dream is your creative vision
for your life in the future.

You must
break out of your
current comfort zone
and become comfortable
with the unfamiliar and the unknown. "

~Denis Waitley

Let's face it. 

It can be unsettling to get comfy with the unknown.

Even when we know
it's the right thing to do.

Am I getting heavy?
Well, maybe just a little...

Guess I need a little soak
and some tunes to ease up.

olivia graham

That's better.
As I was saying...

It's scary to break out of
your comfort zone,
but it's how we grow.

And we NEED to keep growing.

danny roberts

It's how we stretch.

gardener and marks

And become better people.

Glen Luchford - Prada 1997

It's how we discover true meaning
and contentment.

HA! - sascha goldberger

No matter what that may be!

amanda cherie

It's natural to feel some fear.


Don't ever be afraid to hope
(and it will be quite okay
if you consistently remind
me of this, deal?).

Keep dreaming, friends.
Keep growing more comfortable
with the unknown.

Big hug.

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