Monday, October 8, 2012

MODERN BOHO style we love

Nicole Richie rocks it.
Rachel Zoe oozes it.
One Girl is still feelin groovy
'bout the hippie chicness of
The equation goes somethin like this:
long gypsy skirts + simple t-shirts +
patchwork or fringy scarves +
leather jackets + a big ol' bag =
effortless & unconventional
modern boho swagger.
It is so easily be adapted in home decor.
Think beyond raggedy or 'the homeless look.'
There is definitely an art to it that involves
L A Y E R I N G.
Layering rustic and rugged with
refined and retro adds up to
(And you can't go wrong layering in
sunglasses and oversized blouses either, foxy!).
Smart layering works magic in your rooms at home...
AND on you.
Besides layering, boho modern requires
a true
Are you carefree, unconventional, and eclectic?
Would you like to try those qualities on?
Even if you lean in the other direction,
it's FUN to let fashion lead the way.
And please don't ever lose sight of this, peeps.
Fashion is not rules, it's about expression and FUN!
Are we lovin all the hippie crocheted goodness
or what?
Fall is such an awesome season for boho!
Slightly elegant boho?
Why the H not?
1967 boho magic.
We are diggin modern boho style on you
this fall, and with this in mind we invite you
to stop by OG to help you mix it up to create
a look that's perfect for you.

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