Sunday, November 25, 2012

gettin cozy {cableknit goodness}


Although it was sweet and balmy
this Thanksgiving, the time has come.
Yep. Break out the sweaters!

Notice the delicate gold bangles
on Gwyneth's wrist?
One Girl will totally hook you up.

I love the timeless cozy warmth
of cableknit, don't you?


It's brilliant for throws around the house
(if you're crafty, pull a DIY and
re-cycle thrifted sweaters), and
the knit can even be dressed up:

How cute would this look with rugged
worn boots and a sassy scarf?

Cableknit brings to mind scenes like this one above.
Of staying home and slipping chilly toes into these:
 And think beyond the crew neck sweater.

Dreamy thumb loops and modern
tailoring look so effortlessly chic.

Yes, please.


I love the quiet hues of this stack...
so heathery delish.
Cream (Cream) Skinny Dip Cream Cable Knit Ear Muff Headphones | 267242413 | New Look

When cableknit is combined with fleece
and your favorite tunes...

you may be tempted to strut your stuff
down the runway grocery aisle.
Def uncalled for.
Back to knitwear.

 I see this combined
with some plaid, denim,
and new earrings
from OG, yes?


*A brief pause for stylish paws*
 Does your man have a sweater to lend you?

I love that cableknit looks good on
everyone at any age...

(If you have reached a certain birthday,
you may be chuckling.)

Feelin toasty?

I hope you will drop by One Girl very soon
for stress-free shopping and will
take time during this busy season
to savor
the simple joys of winter
in all its cozy wonder.


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