Tuesday, January 1, 2013

NEW year, new YOU

Katie Daisy
It's a new year, sweet OG friends!
upon us and
brings so many gifts...
i love wildfox
We have
a fresh
clean slate.

A new year to become who we were meant to be.

j. leavau
We have
an opportunity
to let go of being perfect.
A new year to live as our true selves.
me and alice

We have a chance
to become more organized.
A new year to get our crap together.
karens fine art
censational girl
We have a brand new
year ahead to
A new year to turn away from despair.

i love wildfox
We have the gift of
seeing our lives
with new eyes.
A new year to embrace new attitudes.
decor de provence
We have the ability
to commit to
better health. 
A new year to get into great shape.

i love wildfox
We have a chance to
gain more wealth.
A new year to be rich, economically or otherwise.

decor de provence
We have a full twelve months
to connect with friends
old and new.
A new year of enjoying happy times with kindred spirits.

decor de provence
We have time to
grow richer
in spirit.
A new year of soul seeking.
i love wildfox
We have the possibility of
learning new skills
and hobbies.
A new year of stretching our talents.

i love wildfox

We have the gift
of each other
so that we'll
never truly
be going it
all alone.


One Girl
happily welcomes you
into the shop
in 2013.
Let's make the
year count, friends!
Happy New Year.

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