Friday, December 21, 2012

white christmas

The merry day is almost here,
and One Girl hopes
to spread good cheer.
Even if that means bustin'
rhymes no mid-life mama
in the fashion biz ought
to bust.
Hege in France Christmas 2012
I'm feelin charitable so I'll spare you.
Because Christmas is about...
generosity, and wait for it...
opening your heart,
tasting deliciousness,
savoring simple pleasures,
and finding peace
in a season
It's about opening our minds,
and in some cases...
Louboutin tree. Seriously.
our wallets,
Walken In A Winter Wonderland - Magnet
to express the joy
and gratitude we feel.
This year I am choosing to celebrate
my loved ones who continue to
inspire me with their courage
and understanding.
You give me wings.
Do you know this?
With hearts wide open,
OG wishes you a very Merry Christmas
and a fabulous 2013.
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