Friday, April 12, 2013

8 Spring Pick Me Ups

Charlotte Love

O  N  E    G  I  R  L
is stoked
summer's on deck.
Here are just a few pick-me-ups to keep us thriving
in this season of RENEWAL and PROMISE.

Upgrade the contents of your closet.

It's the perfect time to let go of
some of the stuff you haven't
 been wearing and donate
it to a good cause.
Then stop into OG for some
great buys and replenishing!

Tidy up the joint.

Organization does not have to be complicated.
A few hooks.
A couple boxes to hide the littles.
Ahhhhhhhh, that feels nice.

floral design - Susan Evans

Indulge in some fresh blooms.

Sure, we can live without them.
But bringing life and color into the
spaces we spend time is a small
act of kindness to ourselves.

Classic muscle cars paintings by Cheryl Kelley 5 Green HemiCuda
Ummmmm...this is a painting, dudes. by Cheryl Kelley.
Join the joy ride.

Ride with the top down
and the music blaring.
If that doesn't sizzle your bacon
or make you feel ALIVE,
add ice cream.
And cotton candy as necessary!

St. James Hotel - Paris

Get comfy in the boudoir.

Spring is such an awesome season to shed
the heavy duvet and pull on fresh
new sheets and pillows.

Edie Campbell, Cara Delevingne, Rosie Tapner, Julia Nobis, Ruby-Jean Wilson, Lily McMenamy, Loulou R
Do something different with your hair.

Switch it up.
Change your part.
Chop it off or
try extenstions.


Laugh even more everyday.

We are living in tense times.
There are all sorts of stresses
and heartaches and sucky moments
when gratitude is hard to find
and peace eludes us.
Which is why we must fight to
keep a sense of humor.
Keep deepening those laugh lines.
Keep tickling the brain
and smiling
til the
Let love drive away fear.

It's risky.
It's honorable.
It looks good on you.

One Girl wishes you a prosperous spring
and a very happy weekend, friends.


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