Monday, May 13, 2013

pretty in pink


beach grunge chic.

You already know One Girl
has long been enjoying a
love affair with grey,
and guess what
timeless hue
never fails
to look

Yes, M'am.
Pink is pretty
in every season.

Can one ever get enough pink tulips?
Pink peonies?

Or the softest of pinks in which to lounge?


Didn't think so.

 tinted pink, these make me smile.

Pink doesn't need to scream
or flash electrically in neon
to be drop dead gorgeous
on you or your home.

It's the color of cotton candy and magic.

Representing One Girl at Orchesis!
Its youthful voodoo makes us
us feel girly, young, and...


Pink is powerful.

In the right doses, pink makes a splash.
Do not get carried away and paint your walls just any
pepto pink like these Hunters...doses, my friends.


Get your pink chic on, mama!

Is it wrong I am compelled to stencil this
teepee with tiny pale pink stars?

And here's a bonus idea for what we
can do with popsicle sticks and a
little pink stripey washi tape.

Shut the barn door.
Pink has the power
to make milk
* * *
Thanks for playing along
with pink today, friends.

Stop by One Girl soon
so I can show you
the deliciousness
that has blown in
for spring!


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