Sunday, May 19, 2013

random ONE GIRL inspiration

katarina malmstrom brown

What inspires you?
Are you a truly visual kind of vixen like me?
* * *
For me, it can be about color
or lack of color.
It's the unexpected mix,
the uncommon pairings
(like rustic with refined
or bohemian with classic).

mark leibowitz

It's the random stuff that grabs you
and keeps you gazing, even when you
can't explain why it moves you.
Know what I mean?
Here's a little collection of inspiring random:
the sartorialist

Random silhouette.
Does it make you want to rush out
and paint something black immediately?
No, the heels make no sense with the scene,
yet that adds to the allure of silhouette.


This random request is SUPER NAUGHTY
but has an inspiring quality with graphic
in your face charm.

katarina malmstrom brown

Isn't this random spareness
sort of enchanting?

miss wallflower

Holy sweetness.
What a random vision of lovely.

gardener and marks

The sconces are pretty, but those
random metal shades?
There's something inspiring
and mysterious there.
marc johns

An inspiring random profession of love
never hurt anyone.

gardener and marks

Even the simplicity of
a random tote for bath products
can inspire.

acid on a lichen plant

Or the complexity under a microscope
revealing all sorts of inspiring
random structure and beauty.

k m brown

Random scale and effortless styling
make me smile and stare...

the sartorialist

and a random smile
can be powerfully infectious.


A big inspiring
random reminder
can speak to the spirit.

mighty to save
And a tiny
random olive branch
can speak to the heart.

My dogs make me smile:)

The inspiration from this
random love moment
from real life
soothes and uplifts.
It beckons me to keep aiming higher
and never miss the blessings
on this One Girl journey.
OG hopes to capture your imagination
and inspire you in the shop...see you soon.

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