Tuesday, July 16, 2013

keep it simple


What does keeping it simple mean to you?
For many, simple means
discarding or minimizing
the insignificant
so the important stuff can shine.

Simple could involve
parting ways with
stuff that weighs us down
to ultimately feel more free.

Simple can be fresh-scrubbed, breezy,

and yes, sophisticated.

Fashionably speaking,
simple isn't simply
plain or bland.

Some very fashionable peeps
understand the beauty of


Simplifying your life
may entail a drastic decision.

Or simply just a few
quick edits.
Often, it's necessary to get away
from it all in order
to reflect within and
learn what simplifying means
to us personally.

Does your personal style need to be
streamlined or simplified?
Oooooooh, I hope you'll stop
in at One Girl soon so we
can explore this idea further!

Isn't it amazing what a few simple
ingredients can become?

Is a simpler life calling you?

Wishing you peace as you
discover beauty and simplicity
on your journey.

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