Tuesday, July 9, 2013

denim delish

 {style inspiration : denim for days}

Remember the olden days
when none of us dreamed of
topping a designer dress
with a denim jacket?

Sarah Singhe

How glad are we that things have changed!?!


Is it grunge chic?
Is it slouchy?
Is it rock n roll?
And perfect
with casual attire...


 yet right at home with boho beauty.

Omg, how amazing is
a slightly blinged jacket with black?
Here's the thing.
Bet it works with everything in your closet
and also the wardrobe we offer at
o n e  g i r l.
denim is sooooooo
dang wicked flexible.

You can't go wrong pairing it
with a white tee and a maxi.

And is there any print that don't
sing with a classic jean jacket?

 Would you dare wear it all topless bare?

Or let your sleeve so feminine-edgy, flare?

Pop that collar, mama!

So have we made you a believer,
ONE GIRL peeps?

Take a fresh look at denim.
BTW, if your abs can do the talkin,
by all means, wear that denim
proudly and crazy cropped!


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