Monday, October 28, 2013

find your strong

While 'fashionable' may not immediately bring
to mind strength or fitness babes, it really should.

Here are a few reminders
for finding your strong...
fashionably, physically and otherwise.

No matter what your age or size,
your body is going to thank you for
exercising and strengthening it.
Not just cuz you'll look more fierce,
but cuz you'll become more resilient.

Prove you can, mama!

Fit Babes collage

Feelin me?

Finding your strong may attract
an audience, or maybe it will
be a quiet sacred thing for you.

And this is the point of the post
where I shut up and let you
be inspired by women
just like us
finding their strong.

Fit Babes 2

I will definitely share more with you
about this topic, and if you're
in the mood for a little
chick chat...
it would be a pleasure
to talk strength, fitness,
and what we can do to
enhance yours
at One Girl.


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