Thursday, November 7, 2013

12 autumn wishes for you


~No. 1~
May you enjoy the simple
comforts the season brings:

and maybe just one more?
Pumpkin Spice Latte
~No. 2~
May you notice the beauty of nature's
surprises everywhere you turn.

Photo: another day, another squirrel, and a BEYOND CHIC new book.
Could you just die?
~No. 3~
May you find quiet pockets of time
to steal away with a good book
near the fire.

Mighty To Save
~No. 4~
May you find courage to face
the challenges along your path.

~No. 5~
May you learn to accept yourself
more fully...scars and all.

Mighty To Save
~No. 6~
May the beauty of colorful leaves and
their crunch beneath your feet
thrill your senses.

Care for a simple crafty leaf DIY?
Make one for a friend too!


~No. 7~
May you create moments for prayer
and gratitude for all that is yours...

Mighty To Save
and for blessings yet to come.

Mighty To Save

~No. 8~

May you discover joy in fall fashions.
(hint hint...#One Girl)

~No. 9~
May you feel the warmth of home.


~No. 10~
May you be surrounded by loved ones
who make your life rich.
Mighty To Save

Mighty To Save

~No. 11~

May you find your happy.

Mighty To Save
~No. 12~
May you find extra reserves
of inner strength to
persevere and soar.
We wish you autumn wonder
where we love to help you improve
not just your look but your outlook.
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