Tuesday, December 31, 2013

HELLO 2014!

Happy New Year,
friends of One Girl!

Thank you so much for
shopping OG
and allowing us to make so many
of your wardrobe and accessory
dreams come true.

Love Others Well - Inspirational Gold Foil Print
A new year means a fresh start.
A chance to live healthier.
To love better.
To aim higher.

Ready for a clean slate?
* * *
Here are a couple of ideas
to approach 2014 with
intention and hope.

Start Each Day With A Grateful Heart Inspirational Gold Foil Print

Before you rise from bed in the morning,
take a few minutes to pray or meditate
in order to find gratitude...setting this
tone will make all the difference
for you and those around you.

Let it go.
Allow the baggage from the past that's keeping
you from personal or professional
success to leave you.

Take stock of your nest and begin
to make changes which will help
you to easier see and
enjoy what you love.
Plus you'll be left with less to dust.

Freshen up your style.
With a new year, try on some
new looks...stop by, and I'll hook you up.
Be You Bravely - Gold Foil Print

Get honest.
Realize that pleasing everyone
or trying to be someone other than you
is exhausting and unhealthy.
Be you, bravely.

Wear confidence.
Know how you feel
when you love your nails, lipstick,
jeans, and shoes?
Let that confidence seep
deep within your pores.
It looks dang good on you.
Amazing Grace Inspirational Gold Foil Print 8x10

Embrace grace.
Accept it,
allow it to set you free,
and pass it on.

O N E  G I R L
hopes to
inspire you
live lovelier
in 2014!


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