Sunday, December 22, 2013

making spirits bright {12 ways}

Bake something buttery delicious.
Keep yourself healthier by
sharing most of the fruits
of your labor.

Hang on to childhood wonder.
Think back to when a simple sled
and a winter afternoon were
beyond magical for you.

Cherish the snow.
Go ahead and make a snowangel!
(I bet it has been years.)

Notice the silvery trees.
Aren't the dormant branches elegantly beautiful
when they have been kissed by this gift from the sky?

Wear the season's latest offerings.
Whether it's a peacoat and plaid scarf
or your favorite fleece lined boots,
embrace the stylish options
which are yours.
(One Girl can provide more!) 


Do something lovely for someone else.
If the holidays find you feeling down,
remember that focusing your thoughts
away from yourself can be the best
antidote around.

Buy a new pair of boots.
Need I really say more?

Enjoy peaceful moments by the fire.
Maybe measure your wealth this winter
by how many quiet fireside pockets
of time you can collect.
 {holiday inspiration : a very french christmas}

Open the door of your heart to hope.
Part of capturing childlike wonder
involves stepping out in faith.
Let yourself surrender to the idea
that everything truly will be okay.

{holiday inspiration : a very french christmas}

Try some new products that help you feel pretty.
We all have our favorites, but taking a risk
with something new could pay off big.

Get organized.
No matter what you collect or treasure,
it will be enjoyed more if you take
the time to create some order.


Be kind to yourself.
When the temperature drops outdoors
or the sun stops shining, find that shimmering
place inside you that speaks the truth:
you were created perfectly to be loved.


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