Tuesday, January 14, 2014

12 winning silhouettes

{current trends : autumn style inspiration : the fedora hat}

Since a picture is worth a thousand words,
today One Girl is here with a dozen chic
examples of winning fashionable silhouettes.

 What do we mean by 'silhouette?'

A great silhouette will adhere to many of the
elements and principles of good design: line,
flow, form, proportion and balance.

Notice how the silhouette created above is edgy
but also balanced and feminine????

Think of a fashion runway show with the lit
translucent screen with the model behind it.
We see her shadow and the outline
of her clothes.

See how you could easily trace the outline
of this stylish woman in the peacoat?

 The French are obssessed with presenting
winning silhouettes, and even though
the image above is only a partial view,
the simplicity is there, and you sort
of know the rest of the silhouette
is going to be fabulous.

A fashionably flattering silhouette is going to
enhance the body and not overwhelm it.

This is why not every outfit is
going to work
on every body type.

The outfit above works for a leggy
model, but on someone more petite,
the clothing could completely overwhelm.

See how even with two animal prints,
this silhouette is workin' it with balance
and lines?

Winning silhouettes tell part of the design story.

In this case above, it's a tale about tomboy chic
and nautical, preppy-ish style.

Great silhouettes work with the materials,
construction details, and embellishments. 


When well-constructed pieces
end up looking as fabulous when worn
as they did in the designer's imagination,
you're talkin about sweet silhouettes.


Emmanuelle Alt and Geraldine Saglio

How about you?
Do you feel like the way you dress
reflects a winning silhouette?

Could you use to spend a little time
editing your wardrobe and finding
some key pieces to improve
the proportions and lines
of your ensembles?

One Girl has inspiring options
and all sorts of ideas for putting
them all together for you.

All this discussion of outer silhouettes has me
thinkin about how I wish we could all have
as much control over our inner ones.
Ya know?

That's one of the reasons I love working
with clothing and fashion so much.
They are tangible elements that can work
harmoniously to create a 'together' look
for the outside, and often this translates
into feeling more confident internally.

Sending you lots of light and encouragement.

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