Tuesday, January 21, 2014

live purposefully {10 ways}

cares about bracelets and leggings
a little bit...and about YOU
and your success A LOT!

Here are some ideas to set you up
for sweeter, more purposeful days.

Start sleeping more.
Don't underestimate the power of sleep
to undo the stresses of the day and to
heal your body, mind, and spirit.

"Sleep is the best meditation."
~Dali Lama

Drink less alcohol and more water.
Watch your health and complexion improve!

Get exercise every single day.
Your body is depending on you to
not take a day off.

Read more.
Ever feel like you really need to
get away from it all?
Open a book.
It won't cost any cash or
vacation time from work
(and it counts as brain exercise).

Become more organized.
We don't have to do things to Martha's standards
to get it right...the point is to tackle one little
area at a time so your household runs
more efficiently, with less stress.

Clean in spurts.
Instead of sacrificing an entire Saturday
for housework, set a timer each evening
and work as quickly as possible in
that short burst to get done what you can.

Explore something new.
There are all kinds of sources
of joy and true fun out there
just waiting
for you to discover them.

Relax more.
You will not be the only beneficiary.
Everyone wins when you are more
intentional about down time.

Practice more patience.
Yes, you CAN do it.
Instead of responding automatically,
give yourself a moment to breathe
and be intentional in your response.

Be kinder to you.
It's easy.
Treat yourself like you would a
best friend in need of comfort
and encouragement.


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