Wednesday, April 30, 2014

magic happens

Say what you will about trends and fashion which
may come and go, but wanna know what
O N E  G I R L
loves about it?

Expressing yourself with fashion is an artistic exercise in FUN.

The rules and 'you can't do thats' cropping up in daily life
sort of get balanced out when you can wear roses,
a braided headband, and two-tone lip color.

You're such a renegade, you!

And here's the kicker:
nobody gets hurt.
In fact, on a good day when your personal
style choices engage someone else
and the two of you get to chatting...

Things could PING!
They could perhaps PONG!
Fuchsia pink bougainvillea could suddenly
burst into bloom all around you.
Just because.
Of that sweater. With those shorts.

It seems to One Girl,
'Fake it till you make it' 
applies big time
to fashion
because let's face it:
you're not always
in a great mood
when it's time to
get dressed
to face the day.

Clothing and accessories work voodoo with moods though!
You start out faking, but before you know it,
you are MAKING.
And MAKING is good.
MAKING looks nice on you.

I know, I know, again with the braidlicious boho hair.
Isn't it swell?
And isn't the lip color just crazybeautiful and maybe even
m  a  g  i  c?

It is almost May, and do you think it's just
a coincidence that the month begins with the same
letter as
the M word?

'Cause ONE GIRL doesn't.
You have the power to make May magical.
Not by passively watching it slip into June.
But by embracing it with every positive
fiber in your being.

That's when the magic will come.
Your outfits will encourage the magic.
Your self-confidence will invite more magic.
At the very least, when your clothes make you
feel cute, you are likely to cast a spell.

Happy spring and pre-summer, friends!
We hope you will push yourselves
to discover all of the magic
within and allow
to ride the wave with you.


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