Friday, April 18, 2014

soft & lovely inspiration

Let's all take a deep cleansing breath
and bathe in the soft and lovely
fashions and vibe of
Spell Designs...


We love their take on the sweeter side of
Boho Gypsy Beachy Chic
because it glows with such
free abandon


Who could be bitter or uptight dressed in
soft and lovely?

Tibetan Mastiff

Speaking of soft and lovely!

lets stay home // quote
For me, feeling soft and lovely
has everything to do with the
love of my life, and I will
take snuggling at home
with him over
all of your fancy
nights out.


I believe everyone should stake their teepee in the sand.
You can quote me on that.


Because life is too short for harsh and unlovely.


We just don't have that kind of time.


One Girl says
start today being
kinder to yourself.
Maybe start with a
luxurious soak in your tub.

FreePeople_IDo_April14 (3)

Come see us for help to update
your look, whether it be
boho or loco.

FreePeople_IDo_April14 (9)

And know that we believe in you at One Girl
and are here to help you enhance your look and
in turn, feel empowered by it.

Fashion is not the center of our universe;
but it's a small way we can be a part of
making your everyday life
more lovely.


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