Saturday, April 2, 2011

it's never too late...TO BE BRAND NEW!

"Fashion fades,
style is eternal."
(Yves St. Laurent)

Let's chat today
about personal style.


How do you achieve it?
How much cash does it take to
truly look like we possess it?

And why bother anyway?!?

Vintage chic?
Bohemian beach babe?
Sex kitten with attitude?
Casually classic?

For some of us, personal style has
taken years to achieve.
For others,
it still eludes us.

But the good news for everybody?


Which is HUGE since with so very much in life
we just don't get to decide.

Wanna know something I enjoy immensely?

OG carries killer Rebel Designs

A career where I'm privileged to help
other people develop, explore, and refine
personal style.

I love the idea of lifestyling.

No, it's not saving the world...
I mean, I'm ONE GIRL for cryin out loud.

But you have to get dressed, right?
You feel better when your home
feels like a haven, right?
Doing both with style sounds
pretty. dang. smart to me!

(Especially when you let
One Girl help so you don't
have to break the bank.)

It is always inspiring to see
someone confidently embrace a particular
style so perfect for them and their lifestyle...

and that someone can be YOU.

I'll never tire of calling upon creativity to help others
create new looks for their wardrobe and home.

Personal style enters into how we entertain,
how we live, and where we put our energies.

Heck, you can even sport personal style
on your way to the gym in a low ponytail
and simple heather grey tank from a
charming boutique in Barrington!

And it doesn't take a fortune
to express personal style at home.

Wanna chat (in person) about your personal style?
Need a reminder that it's never too late?

Stop by soon!

Big hug.

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