Saturday, December 15, 2012

across the universe

10 days 'til Christmas.
Your brain is possibly on overload with
to-do lists, holiday concerts,
and travel plans.
While it's the most magical time of the
year, it's also craptastic, isn't it?
If you find yourself low on holiday magic this year,
I'm sharing some unique inspiration
to shake up your perspective and maybe
even bring a little hope.
This may rock your world.
Because no matter where we're at
or spiritually,
no matter how screwed
up and evil
fellow human beings
can become...
at this very moment
a truth we can cling to is
that this planet of ours
Big: Valley of desert in Iran
Just look at the earth!
It's not abstract's a satellite photo from NASA.
An amazing place
to call home, yet sometimes
our culture,
our greed,
and our sins,
blind us to the vast beauty.
a glacier icecap
This giant blueberry earth, which is just one
tiny part of the universe, is masterfully created.

So are you.
No matter how much your arms do
or do not look like this.

Regardless of the size of the bling on your sweet finger.

Despite how blue your skin has turned.
You were made masterfully.
Need more convincing?
Take a peek at
microscopic images taken of
structures deep within your brain.
With me?
We're movin' from the universe
'out there' to worlds within you.

tiny: golgi stain inside a brain

Inside your brain is breathtaking beauty.
(Told ya this would rock your world.)
axon scaffolding proteins
It's easy to get caught up in the middle
so that often we
lose sight of how we fit in with the
big and small of it all.
(You look good in the middle, btw,
and just a reminder it's not too late
to find the perfect gift at OG!)
Christmas Gifts
One size fits all!
Do you find thinking about
the loveliness of the universe
in harmony
with invisible worlds in our skulls
nothing short of magical?
It turns out we are...
all of us...
gorgeous inside.
One more thing...
Hubble's view of exploding halo of light around the star Monocerotis

Our hearts at OG are heavy with sorrow for
the families in Connecticut, and
our thoughts are with them.

Here's to being intentional
about seeing your life,
this earth,
and this season,
with fresh eyes.



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  1. i must say that are the one of the most beautiful pictures that i ever saw...


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