Wednesday, July 3, 2013

american beauty

Happy July,
beautiful friends
of the one and only
One Girl!
We hope you have something
extra awesome planned to celebrate
Independence Day
and invite you to stop into the shop
before and after
to consider
lots of pretties
to make
summer more
"Oh, say can you see...
(ooooooooh, mama,
have you seen the magic a few
pieces from Vanessa Mooney
or even a little red paint
on a door can work?)
by the dawn's early..."

Enough of the anthem lovely
and on to the Suess...

Hey, you, Miss One Girl Footloose...
would you, could you in a car?
In a striped skirt,
at the breakfast bar?
 Nothing like some random OG fun,
pondering the diverse beauty
of America's colors.

Lovin' how there is always a fresh way
to combine red, white, and blue.
 Wishing you peace beneath the fireworks, friends.

Now go get your freedom!

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