Wednesday, November 13, 2013

mad for plaid


How yummy cozy is a roomy,
blanket-y, plaid jacket paired
with skinny jeans?

Let's chat about plaid today, kittycats.
And look at inspiring options
to make it
work for you.

Look at you, Classic and Pretty Prepster.

This one and the plaidlicious jacket below
are probably gonna work with just
about everything in your wardrobe.

Plaid + Animal Prints = Rawr.
How zabout plaid with leopard and leather?

It's impossible to own too many plaid scarves.

Oh how I love thee, oversized plaid scarf
with rolled up jeans and booties.

Plaids on the runway.

Plaid is usually associated with casual
wear, but look at these wool numbers, mama!

(And this high-end piece will only
set you back a mortgage payment.)

You don't have to button every button.

Lately, we're seeing lots of unbuttoned
plaid lovely for a less lumberjack vibe.
And look what it does for neutrals...



Do not try this at home!
Oh that we were all 16 years young
and 100 pounds soaking wet to carry off
this particular cropped and plaid story!

When you're in the mood for grunge chic.

Don't you love that your man's
big ol' plaid shirt and a bunch
of bracelets and necklaces
can add up to be sexy as h?

Feelin the skater-grunge deliciousness?

(Cuz just one Olsen clad in plaid is never enough.)

Wasn't that fun!?!

I hope I have left you with a few fresh
ideas for rockin yer tartan, friends.

* * *

Stop by One Girl to check out
a million other stylish options
to keep you lookin gorgeous.


1 comment:

  1. Hi Meagan!
    So nice to cyber meet you!
    LOVE your plaid wardrobe inspirations here. LOVE them and yes, I have mixed plaid and leopard print --- two of my most favorite things. :)

    Will check out your blog and hope you will come back often and say hi!
    Thanks so much for linking up at Favorites on the First.
    Alison :)


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