Wednesday, November 20, 2013

november cozy


Are we fully in the holiday mood yet?

Is there a spring in your step
when you hear Christmas carols?


As the pace begins to pick up
with gift shopping, parties,
family vacations, and
visits with family
and friends,
make sure
remember to
take care

Can you sneak in a nap or a workout?

Are you getting your 20 minutes per day of sunlight
and eating plenty of vegetables?

Make sure to make time for brisk walks
and plenty of cozy down time.


Footie pajamas, sweats, and fleece
will fit the bill for gettin yer comfy on,
and here is more inspiration for
street friendly cozy.

A roomy blanket of a wrap jacket, perhaps?

Oversized tartan and checks are always cozy!

Pets are essential for that snuggle factor.

Even a warm towel can know.

Okay, I may be getting carried away.

But we DO have a lot to learn from them, don't we?

At One Girl, we're so very thankful for you,
our friends and loyal customers.

Photo: Cute holiday clutches and totes at OG.

Come see our selection of holiday clutches and totes!

We wish you warmth and peace as
you prepare for upcoming festivities
and shop for the ones you love.


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