Monday, December 9, 2013

8 ideas for making it magical

Have you felt it yet?
The magic, I mean.
Like when you discover the
perfect tree and haul it
home to enjoy during
this fleeting
magical season.

For many of us, holiday shopping is where
we sense the wonder and joy of the season.
Have you stopped by One Girl lately?
We'd love to see your cute face.

We have lots of suggestions for you
and you need not worry about the right size!
Need some tips and inspiration for
lighting up this magical season
at home?
They're natural, and it's amazing
what a handful of fresh cranberries
submerged in a jar or glass bowl of water
(maybe with a floating candle on top?)
can do for the spirits.
 photo jul12_zps974437d9.jpg
Whether it is advent candles,
a menorah,
or just simple
white pillars for no reason at all,
candles can center us
flicker with magic. 
Also, don't you love the idea of
a simple, single evergreen bough
in a jar of water?
Handmade Decorations.
Like paper snowflakes.
Remember paper snowflakes?
Grab some scissors.
A sense of humor.
Ya know?

Twinkly lights.
C'mon now!
Everybody knows pretty white lights
change the mood from shivery cold
to winter wonderland.

A wreath.
How about a rustic one made
by your very own hands this year?

We interrupt this magical blog post for a reality check.
It's the most wonderful time of the year...
except when it aint.
If you have ever endured staging the family
for the perfect holiday card, then you know
very well that along with magic,
tensions can run high.

So much bang for the buck.
Let the kids cover them with glue
and shake them inside a shoe box
full of glitter.
Paper chains.
While you're busy blinging out
the pinecones, definitely get
to making paper chains which
look magical everywhere.

I hope these short days of December
are being kind to you.

Wishing you joy and peace as
you discover the magic
this season.

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