Sunday, December 1, 2013

be a light

As the days grow colder this winter,
we are thinking of you, friends.
* * *
Should life's pressures grow for you
or loved ones during the holidays,
here is a reminder for us all to
be a light.


Life is hard, and this season of
thanksgiving and holiness
can be something other than a
winter wonderland for many.

We can be a light.
We can point others to it.
We can radiate love.
We can.

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Stela 9

We can be a light in simple ways.
A smile. Holding open a door.
Sending a note of encouragement.
Dropping change in a kettle.
Baking a pie for a lonely neighbor.


To be a light is to find gratitude
and then to reflect it.

Vanessa Mooney

To be a light is to be quick to say
'oh, it's my pleasure.'

To be a light is to keep hope breathing.
To find extra reserves of strength
for someone who finds herself
in short supply.

To notice when another's light is fading.

Oh that we could all
shine with light
to walk each other home
when it gets dark.

alex & ani

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At One Girl, the light is always on for you.
We care and want to enhance
the beauty and joy in your

* * *
Sending you extra peace and light
wherever this may find you.


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