Wednesday, February 19, 2014

boho WILD CHILD style

Friday Feeling...

We've got that Friday feeling and we're ready for our Basement Sale starting tomorrow morning! Come and see what you can find! xx
 I know. I know.
It's still February and hardly time
to be thinkin' cutoffs and festivals.

But One Girl needs a lil break from the grind.
So let's talk WILD CHILD today, shall we?

Why does OG love it?


Hippy style is sort of timeless and
synonymous with free-spirited, peaceful,
and laid back style.

 Wild child is about love, child.

It's about the 60s and 70s and miniskirts.

Wild hair.

It's kind of rebellious.

With touches of flowerchild and fringe.

It's outdoorsy for sure.

But done right, it can work on rosy velvet.
Music-Loving 70s Fashion

WILD CHILD is a vibe
influenced by music and poetry for sure.

It has a sense of humor.


And an effortless sexiness.
 Vintage 90s Urban Renewal Haute Classic High-Waist Distressed Denim Boho Hippie Festival Daisy Duke Ripped Cutoff Hem Jean Hot Shorts 25"W

It's so sunny, it's almost irresistible.
Modern Hippie Looks
While it aint for the office,
don't you love a style that requires
no matching, no ironing, no hair
straightening, and no shoes?!?

Stop into OG soon for more boho lovely.


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