Wednesday, February 26, 2014

it's all in the JEANS

Ever felt if you could just find
PERFECT jeans that feel JUST RIGHT
and hug you in sweet places, you could
rule the world????

At One Girl, we get it.

Here are 10 trendy denim looks to inspire.

So much to love here beginning with the
Distressed Black
Don't even get me started on those boots and the shearling.

While we may not be feelin
the trendy tribal look
for fun are these
for a party or an urban getaway?
Even when we are not as fit as Victoria,
a funky, fit and flared denim
royally rocks with a peekaboo platform.
If you do not have a pair of
bitchen black skinnies
in your closet, we need to talk.
Some days were just MADE for
light slim cut jeans.

Call me obsessed, but I cannot
get enough of Rachel Bilson in
classic boyfriend beauties.  

Remember when we could only wear
dynamite white bottoms
for a very short season??? 
So glad that is over.
Did you know boyfriend jeans come
in all sorts of styles and flavors?
Distressed slim boyfriends
look great with a heel.
That sounds super weird out of context.
If you're a shorty, then I don't have
to tell you about the beauty of a
medium ankle skinny straight.
They look good on talls too!

We're already at the end?
I don't wanna stop!
Super destroyed skin revealers
are not for grandma...unless gram
is still boarding gram-tastically.
Go grandma, go!

Are any of these denim looks
gonna change your life forever?
Need a top or jewelry to go with em?

Let's chat soon.


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