Saturday, March 8, 2014

the art of wrist bling


 Hello, you lovely snowbirds!
Are we in the mood for a little spring bling?
Of course, we are.

I think I could stare at images of beautiful bangles
in cheerfully unique combinations all day long.

Vanessa Mooney

Are you the kinda girl who would
never dream of mixing
your metals?

alex and ani

Are you the type who favors a delicate,
featherweight quartet of bangles?

Is your thing

A little bit country. bracelet for your cowboy boots. vintage. hippy. boho

One Girl has you covered, mama.

Vanessa Mooney

We think you should have choices and not be bound
by a bunch of fashion rules and such.

The art of wrist bling is about YOU and your
confidence wearing it; it's about enjoying
the weight of leather and metal.

Vanessa Mooney

It's a boho gypsy chick thing
and should never be over-thought
or look as though it took a lot of effort.

Art? Really?
Accessorizing your wrists involves lots
of freedom, risk taking, and improvising.
There is an imperfectness to it when
it's done just right...and it's a
sensually satisfying layer of fashion
because of the texture and sound
of a bangle's jangle in addition
to the obvious visual lovely.

We have some awesome options
for you right now at the shop
so mosey those bare wrists
in real soon!

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