Monday, March 17, 2014

what makes it OG SUPER CHIC?

I doubt I can answer that question for you
since chic is in the eye of the beholder,
but here are a few examples of
inspiring interiors and fashion that
make One Girl's heart pitter patter faster.

Blue + White = So Chic It Hurts.

It's a place where classic meets modern.

You gotta love sexy without the slutty.

Sometimes it is monochromatic.

(A chic kitchen? Hard to define. But clean surfaces
that beg to be touched and a colorful rug underfoot
surely are a big help.)

Skinnies with knee holes, leopard, black
leather boots, and a ballerina bun
read chic-ster von chic.


A Saarinen table and a Danish chair sittin pretty
in a cozy corner are the beginnings of
a chic spot for chictastic dinners.


Chic doesn't mean playing it safe...

or even a lot of effort.

Chic can be a mix of subtle prints and texture...

or a combination of solids that feel as comfortable
as they look (and oh yeah, a cool watch).

Who doesn't need a little dose of chic
for their wardrobe or home, right?

O N E  G I R L
invites you in
to get
your chic on.


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